Your design is an accurate map of your Unique Self. The Key to your Uniqueness and the path to a more satisfying life.

The Human.Design Reports

The Key to your Uniqueness and the path to a more satisfying life

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What is normal?

The world can be a very confusing place and everything is becoming progressively faster and more complicated. Many people fall by the wayside, caught up in relationships that don’t work very well and most of their time is spent in work that is just isn’t very fulfilling. Most people meet resistance in their lives. They do their best but often their dreams seem to dissipate over time. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The 2 Basic Problems

There are two basic problems that stand in most people’s way.

  • They don’t know who they are, what their strengths and hidden talents are, or what they are really here for.
  • They don’t know how to make correct decisions that are in alignment with who they are. The key to success in this life is the ability to make correct decisions according to your basic nature.

A Way to Know Yourself

A new scientific breakthrough that combines modern genetic understanding with ancient wisdom, which is primarily sourced from the Chinese I’Ching and The Kabbalah, enables us to have a clear and accurate blueprint for everyone. Yes, everyone!

This new science reveals the uniqueness that is inherent in each one of us. We truly are different from each other. This information is not based on a belief system. Sceptics are welcomed.

A Translation Problem

For many years, those deep in this Knowledge have struggled to find a way to bring its findings and wisdom to the public’s awareness in a language that it simple and clear to those not familiar with it’s terminology. It is without doubt one of the most amazing discoveries of this century. Yet only a few know about this extraordinary information.

The Solution

Now, after nearly 20 years of deep study in this science, Richard Beaumont, one of the world’s foremost authorities in this field, has broken through the translation problem and produced a Personal Report system that immediately supplies people with their blueprint and a comprehensive interpretation of its meaning.

The consequences of this breakthrough can quite literally be life transforming. Throughout many years of teaching this knowledge, Richard Beaumont has changed many people’s lives. What took hours of interpretation in expensive one-to-one dialogues is now available to everyone immediately.

The Reports

You will learn how you are truly designed. This science, known as The Human Design System is often described at the ‘Science of Differentiation’ and the ‘Science of Awakening’. Your inherent nature and uniqueness is described and upon hearing it, like many others, you will find it deeply confirming. The truth has a particular ring to it. Self-recognition is a powerful experience and you will be empowered to begin the process of correcting your life that is likely to have been based on incorrect decisions and a lack of clarity about who you are.

Most people think they know who they are based on their own experience and what other people tell them or the way they behave towards them. Their self-belief is founded on these two things. That’s normal. Yet the world is full of people who are not in tune with themselves.

There are two sides to all of us.

  • Our Innate Nature. What is always there within us as an energy, awareness, identity or ability to communicate with others.
  • Our Shadow Side. We all receive conditioning from others and the world we inhabit, as do you. The conditioning does not belong to you but you probably believe it is a part of you.

Our self-belief is often shattered in the simple process of living life. We find ourselves in awkward situations and fail to handle them correctly. The conditioning we receive from those around us causes us to detour from a path that is resonant with our nature. We find ourselves chasing what we think we want, expending time, energy and finances on endeavours only to discover there always seems to be something missing. Even if we succeed often it is not satisfying.

Your Personal Report will reveal your true nature and the conditioning from others that you mistakenly hold onto as real.

Your Core Personal Human.Design Report - £45.00

This Core comprehensive Report consists of approximately 70 pages and will provide you with an accurate interpretation of:

  • Your Blueprint as a graphic and a list of qualities.
  • Your Type - there are 4 different Types of human being specified in the Human Design System, just as there are 4 different blood types.
  • The interpretations of the primary centres that make up your nature. Including, how you operate within the realms of awareness, energy, identity and manifestation.
  • The correct way to navigate in your life without meeting resistance.
  • A general description of the negative conditioning you are likely to have encountered. How to operate in a way to use that conditioning to nurture wisdom to become more successful in the world and in your relationships.
  • The way you are designed to make correct decisions that fit with who you truly are.
  • The overall structure of your Design. Some people are fully integrated in their Life Force, while others can have two, three or even four separate contradictory parts to them.
  • The costume you wear and have always worn, that may be defined as a general character.
  • Information about your purpose and how your life can be fulfilled.
  • An accurate description of your unique Life Force and how it moves within you.
  • Biological correspondences to your innate nature.
  • A description of the electromagnetic aura that surrounds your body and how it operates.

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Your Advanced Personal Human.Design Report - £77.00

This advanced report, consisting of approximately 130 pages will provide you with an accurate interpretation of:

  • Everything included in the Core report plus
  • A detailed description of the negative conditioning you are likely to have encountered. How to operate in a way to use that conditioning to nurture wisdom to become more successful in the world and in your relationships.
  • Your unique characteristics and precisely how they are held within you. This level of interpretation has never been attempted before and is a world first. It can be shockingly true and begin a deep awakening process within you.
  • The planetary influences which bring a further context to each characteristic. This part of the report may be familiar to astrologers, but it highlights the unique characteristics rather than a general planetary interpretation that is so general is can only be partially true. It also contains the specific quality provided by the Earth, which is not within the current scope of astrology as commonly understood.
  • Advice, Alerts regarding dysfunctional propensities and anecdotal real life examples are provided to assist you in handling your characteristics in a functional and beneficial way.
  • Your Mental attributes and potentially negative thought patterns are described with support and guidance provided.
  • You will discover the physical unconscious aspects to your nature that others may be well aware of, but you may be never have seen yourself.
  • The information in this report, if it could be supplied by a highly qualified analyst, which is unlikely as it is sourced from almost 20 years of experience and research, would take at least 8 hours to relate and would cost well over US$1,000.

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These comprehensive reports are not available anywhere else.

Both reports contain illustrations for ease of understanding and are written in an empowering and uplifting style that aids self recognition and assists the transformation that allows you to access the potential within you.

Richard Beaumont has carried out numerous experiments with his students and audiences around the world in his workshops and public lectures and as a result has been able to repeatedly verify the foundations, information and descriptions in these reports.

The emergence of these reports means that there is now somewhere you can access the answers you’ve been looking for. You will recognise yourself and discover what is truly unique in you.

There is no excuse anymore for not knowing yourself. Give yourself the benefits of self-knowing.

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Please note that in order to correctly generate your Rave Chart, the birth data you enter must be accurate. Of particular importance is your time of birth. If you are unsure exactly at what time you were born try and find out the exact time before moving forward.

Another good thing to remember is that in Human Design, the birth place is only used to obtain the correct time zone and so it is not essential to specify the correct city only one that is in the same time zone.

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