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  • Profile Line Introduction
    While creating the films on Profile (the costume we wear) Richard Beaumont felt that an introduction to the Lines within each Profile would be necessary. Here Richard explains hexagram structure and the qualities of each Line utilizing original artwork to clarify visually the points he makes.
  • Introduction to Definition
    Richard Beaumont provides a description of what Definition means in your chart. He briefly explores the 5 different Definitions and with the use of moving graphics and animation.

Featured Audios

  • Mr Jones
    Richard relates the absurd but true story of Mr Jones, a man who so trusted his car's sat nav that he followed it down to the edge of a cliff. Richard ponders on the consequences for Mr Jones on his decision to trust his sat nav over basic commonsense and uses the story as an example of using the mind as an Inner Authority for the Not-self life.
  • Coco Chanel
    Richard looks at the chart of the famous designer, now known more for her perfume. It's an unusual design and she lived an unusual life.
  • Master Thief
    Richard tells a story of a master thief who trains his son to follow in his footsteps. It's like someone working with their Human Design process, finding a way to steal their life back from the conditioned world of the Not-self.