Mystical Information

Mystical Aspects of the Human Design System

Ra received a great deal of mystical knowledge during his time with the 'Voice'. Some of the categories of this are below.



This is an in-depth teaching of the I'Ching lines that make up the Personality and Design Profile of every person on the planet! Ra Uru Hu talks directly to the mystical aspect and shows how each person truly lives out their profile, whether they are conscious of it or not. Look at the chart of your favourite spiritual teacher and see that they too speak from their design. Human Design Films Ltd was given special permission to generate a CD set (15 CDs) from the filming of this series that clearly shows us that all teachings reflect the source of the teaching. Understanding this allows you to find your own unique path that comes from within yourself. This audio set has been withdrawn in favour of the original film that will be released in due course.


The Bhan Tugh is the heart of Rave Cosmology. It is the mythology / mechanics of the Biverse transmitted by the 'Voice'. It is, in essence an explanation of how all life began! Ra's first public talk on this subject (shot in Richard's home in the UK) was the first film created by Human Design Films Ltd. We look forward to releasing it on this website in due course.



3. The 6 Mystical WayS

The Mystical Way is Ra Uru Hu's ten lecture journey into the framework of Human spirituality. Given only once, this unique set of talks was one of the most highly attended and popular courses ever given by Ra Uru Hu. It highlights in detail the forces that drive man to seek out a higher power. Each one of us has a unique design and thus a unique way of connecting with our original source. Moving through the six mystical channels in our design, Ra exposes all the deepest secrets behind the quest for God and Truth. If you are interested in things mystical, this audio is sure to challenge and expand the way in which you see our connection to the Divine. THis audio course is available now through The Human Design Library audios in the online shop.

4. Dying, Death and Bardo

It is the most in-depth analysis yet of the mechanics of dying and death and an extraordinary journey into the mechanics of Bardo. When we die the Personality Crystal detaches from the body and goes through a series of stages before finally leaving the planet. It is the only gift purely to the Personality, the wintness in us all. Here you will find Heaven, Hell, the tunnel of light and many more of the states of consciousness well-known to those familiar with 'near-death experiences.' The importance of allowing the body to be left alone from intervention for three days after death, despite being 'brain dead' according to Western medical opinion, there is still enough brain electricity to power the 'Bardo' states. Based on this information and knowing the time of death, a trained analyst can create a death chart that will show you the Bardo states of the dear departed. Richard Beaumont recently presented his interpretation of this material in a live course, having attended the first Bardo course in Vienna many years ago and updated the information in many areas. A film of this work will be forthcoming.



5. Angels, Demons, Ghosts, GODs, ENTITIES and ALIENS

 In this series of lectures Ra shows shines a light on the way we were designed to encounter the forces according to the pattern set within us below the surface of gate and line. When encountering certain invisible personality crystal bundles a young boy from America will perceive a UFO and a yong girl from Spain will see the virgin Mary - all is explained. Ra spoke for 8 hours on this subject in Ibiza in 2010, but the earlier lectures from a few years previously, which ran for 3 days was filmed by Human Design Films. We aim to make this available to subscribers in the near future. The room in which the course took place Ra explained had an aggregate Crystal bundle within it, as a result you will see Ra in a rarely 'spooky' light. Subscribe to the newletter for the announcement of this films availability.


6. The 16 Faces of the godhead

Human beings are so possessive about their religions, their Gods and their spirituality. Wars have been fought for centuries about such things. How incredible it is then for Human Design to discover that even this is mechanical. There is a direct relationship between our chemistry and the spirituality we are attuned to. This deeply mystical course that will reveal to you secrets long forgotten remains as a major contribution yet to be tackled by Human Design Films Ltd.