Primary Health System

Primary Health System (PHS)

At this advanced level of Human Design knowledge we find the emphasis is on the Body and the Design (red) side of the chart. The primary focus then is on one's form. The form (Body) is limited, unlike the consciousness that can forever imagine one flight of fancy after another and can think of anything. The good news is that the form can be corrected! The essential key throughout Human Design is Strategy and Authority, however here in PHS we deal with the underlying genetic predispostions that allow us to create a correct foundation for our awareness to flower. Human Design is at its essence based on the form principle; the feminine law of receptivity, the naturalness of the body itself.


There are many other complexities in understanding the way the body naturally moves through our unique lives, as in the image above the nodal aspects can be applied to reveal hidden secrets within the chart.


The magic square of the design side, has many other keynotes not seen on the surface, which allows the PHS practitioner to see where potential health problems may occur. Like so much in Human Design, the chart can tell us so many things without even seeing or speaking to the client. But, in order to apply this information, just as there is no such thing as a Rave Psychology reading, so there is no such thing as a PHS reading. The client has to make themself available for sessions over several weeks so the progress of following the practitioner's recommendations can be assessed.

Prerequisities for a PHS overview: 

  • The client has received at least one Human Design analysis
  • They are in the experiment of Strategy and Authority, preferably for at least 3.5 years
  • They are sleeping alone in their own aura.

RIchard Beaumont is able to provide PHS overviews for those who require health guidance.