Rave Psychology

Rave Psychology

In this part of the science we deal primarily with the Personality - that which we have conscious access to, that part of us which we identify as being ourselves, all that is black in the bodygraph.

But we go deeply into not only who we think we are, but also what we think about who we think we are. Like everything in Human Design the precise differentiation of each of us as unique beings is paramount.


This magic square seen in the advanced MMAI charts contains a new level of keynotes for the planetary aspects that afect us. Here Colour motivation can be assessed and potential psychological predispostions can be seen when referenced to the various aspects of the Bodygraph. Moreover, the diagonals, horizontals and verticals can reveal so much about who we think we are, both as self image and as an outer authority in the world.

Rave Psychology is a deeply fascinating tool in the Human Design kitbag!

If you have been in your Human Design experiment for more than 3.5 years (preferably 7 or more) and wish to discuss arranging a series of Rave Psychology sessions, consult with RIchard Beaumont to take you deeper down the Human Design rabbit hole.