Base, Tone, Colour

Base, Tone and Colour

Beneath the Line level there are three more levels of detailed information within the Human Design System. Here we find the source of much of the profund wisdom taught through Rave Psychology, Primary Health System, Holistic Analysis and Variable.

The neutrino stream creates three different frequencies as it passes through the crystals of consciousness that are the hubs for our material existence on this plane - Base, Tone and Colour.


There are six colours. This is the exit frequency as the neutrinos pass up towards the surface line level. Colour is the hidden motivation within us. It can be described as the medium by which our tonal frequency is delivered to the surface and as such is the frequency most likely to transfer to it's opposite 'Not-self' manifestation. Knowing what the true colour predisposition is one can tell through the way someone speaks or lives their life whether they are operating in the Not-self or not and when and how.

As a diagnostic then for what can go wrong in the physical or mental life colour harmonics or dissonance is a major signpost. It can even show who is important to have in your aura and who can be a potential problem. As always though, it is through the following of one's strategy and authority that is paramount in living one's greatest potential.