Human Design Relationships

It is only natural for those interested in the Human Design System to want to know how the knowledge can be applied to their relationships with others. After all, since the knowledge can tell us so much about ourselves, it stands to reason that it can also tell us much about how and in what way we have a predisposition to interact with specific others.


The insights from exploring these questions are profound and indeed, when disharmonious elements are tracked in the Knowledge, they can be managed through understanding the specific differences between the two people. Ra called Human Design 'the system for 'no blame' relationships. After all the Human Design System shows us how to be ourselves, not how we can try to fit a round peg into a square hole. The joy of a background in relating based on the Human Design Knowledge shows us one side of the immense practicality of this science.

The homogenised way of being in relationship so often involves unnecessary bickering about one's partner. Once you know how your partner is designed you know their limitations and their graces, so expecting them to be different from their design, or forcing them into your view of the world will never work. It's time to grow up and create mature relationships based on acceptance and respect for each others uniqueness.


If you would like to know more, then treat yourself and your partner to a Relationship/Partnership Reading with Richard Beaumont who has a great deal of experience in such analysis.