The Incarnation Crosses

Incarnation Crosses

We incarnate on Crosses. As Ra said, we incarnate or "come into the meat", when we enter into our bodies in this material realm. From what we saw when dealing with the 'red and the black,' we are a mixture of body and personality and this fundamental binary is played out in the Incarnation Cross. One could say that the Incarnation Cross speaks of our 'destiny' or our ultimate trajectory through this life.

The coming to gether of the Sun and Earth of Design (Body) and Personality gives us the totality of who we are in life.

  • Some of us are here to live out a personal destiny (Right Angle)
  • Some are here for others (Left Angle)
  • A few of us are here to live a Fixed fate in life.

Below is the image related to a 1.3 Incarnation Crosss of the Sleeping Phoenix, with the Personality Sun (55th Gate) in the First Quarter of Initiation. So this person has the potential to fulfill their life through Mind.


The mechanics involved in the Incarnation Crosses is not something to go into here. But one key that can be shared is that the wheel can be split into four quarters and depending on which quarter your Personality Sun comes from will tell you whether you are here from:

  • The Quarter of Initiation 
  • The Quarter of Civilisation
  • The Quarter of Duality
  • The Quarter of Mutation.

Immediately one's life then has a general theme. For example:

  • Those from the Quarter of Initiation are here to fulfill their life through mind.
  • Those from the Quarter of Civilisation are here to fulfill their life through form.
  • Those from the Quarter of Mutation are here for transformation
  • Those from the Quarter of Duality are here to fulfill their life's cross through Relationships.

There are more than seven hundred different generic Incarnation Crosses upon which the differentiated unique chart of each person has a direct correspondence. Human Design UK has an arrangement with Jovian to allow those interested to download audios of Ra talking specifically about each cross and the profile of that cross. So, although one still has to enter into the Deconditioning Experiement to live out a higher level of one's Incarnation Cross, you can know what elements will be involved in your possible destiny. (See shop - Books- Global Incarnation Index: Incarnation Crosses).