Channels, Gates & Lines

Channels, Gates and Lines 


The Channels link the Centres together. There are 36 of them. You can see them in white in the image of the wheel below. At each end of any Channel there is a Gate. The Channels represent a quantum field between the two polarised energies of these Gates.



The basic keynotes of the lines can be seen in the section on Profiles, as the profiles consist of the lines in the Personality and Design Sun/Earth in someone's chart.

There are 384 Lines in total when you consider there are 64 Gates each with six possible lines. The enigmatic sentances related to each line can be read in Ra's central text, The Rave I'Ching.  Further elucidation is available in two volumes of The Line Companion book, where Ra described subtleties in the line interpretations. However this book is only available to those who have completed the Living Your Design Course, the Rave ABC Course and both Rave Cartography courses and have been admitted to the PTL1 (Professional Training Level 1) through a certified Human Design Analyst teacher.

Beneath the lines there is a deeper matrix consisting of Colours, Tones and Bases. An accurate time of birth is needed to be able to apply these to your life.