The Nine Centres

The Nine Centres

Below is the Bodygraph image which is at the centre of every Human Design chart. The nine Centres are the squares and triangles connected together through 32 Channels. Where they connect together the Centres are coloured in (or fixed) which means that the quality of that Centre is consistently apparent in the person's life. For instance if the right brown triangle, the solar plexus (or emotional centre) is joined to the bottom brown square (the root centre) then that person will experience a consistently adrendalised emotions throughout their life.


The Ajna Centre

This is our second Awareness Centre (along with the Splenic Centre and eventually the Solar Plexus Centre). It is our mind consciousness. It’s frequency is over all time (in other words, the mind is not equipped to let go, which means you find yourself living with the consequences of acting on decisions made from this centre). The mind’s fear is anxiety. It’s function is mental conceptualization which is fueled by the Head Centre. The mind has no decision making capabilities despite our ‘Not self’ conditioning otherwise. It’s skill is in research. The mind is really a great measuring device, but that doesn’t means it knows what is good for us. It’s best use is for other people and their minds likewise can be good for us. As in all the ancient traditions the mind is seen as an obstacle for us personally, it can so easily be regarded as a decision making tool, when in fact, giving power to your thoughts in such a way is the greatest mistake we can make.

Theme: Conceptualisation

Biological Attribute: The Pituitary Gland


The G Centre

This centre has three themes: love, direction and identity. Hidden within this centre is the mysterious Magnetic Monopole that holds us together in the illusion of our separatedness and in that sense it is about love. It’s secondary function is to give us our trajectory in life, our movement in space, so in that sense it is about direction. The G Centre is the centre of our identity it is about a sense (or lack) of identity.

Themes: Love, Direction and Identity

Biological Attribute: The Liver and blood


The Splenic Centre

Our first of the three awareness centers that we have. The spleen is the oldest awareness centre we humans possess; it’s our body consciousness. The frequency is in the now and it is to do with our fears. It’s themes are health, feel-good and survival.  It’s job is to keep us healthy and alive.

Themes: Health, Feel-good and Survival. 

Biological Attribute: Lymphatic system and the Spleen


The Solar Plexus Centre

This is the emotional centre in the chart. It will eventually be our third awareness centre, our spirit consciousness. At the present stage in human evolution, this centre is going through a great mutative change.

It is currently a powerful motor – in fact so powerful that anyone who has this defined in their chart has it as their authority in their lives. Its frequency is the wave (there are three kinds of emotional wave) and its fears manifest as nervousness.

Themes: Feelings, Emotions and Sensitivity.

Biological Attribute: Kidneys, Prostate, Pancreas and the Nervous system