Strategy & Authority

Strategy & Authority

Human Design would just be another system for trying to understand our essential natures on a mental level, except for it's inherent practical application of the knowledge. It is here, in the practical sense, that we come to strategy and authority. Everyone has a specific strategy they can experiment with to determine how to make correct decisions in their life. It is, after all, decisions that lead us into freedom or into further slavery; that lead us into living a life that is correct for us, or leading a life full of frustrations in dealing with a life that we are not equipped to live.


There are basic strategies to follow, depending on which type you are.

Generators and Manifesting Generators: must RESPOND to whatever comes to them in their life. They are not here to initiate or manifest anything, except in RESPONSE.  Generally speaking these types will make sacral sounds - the response comes from deep in their abdomen and is most often in non-verbal sounds: "unun", "ahunh", "mmmmm", “ahhhhhh" and so on.  Once heard it is clear whether the resonse can be translated into a 'yes' or a 'no' - whether they should go towards something, or someoone - or away from them.

Projectors: are very different. They too are not here to initiate, but they have to wait for the correct INVITATION to come to them. An invitation can always be turned down if it is not correct. But, as non-energy types, they do not have consistent life force energy to go into something unless they have been specifically chosen by others. In an ideal world a formal invitation would be forthcoming to them at certain key times in their lives. Projectors are often concerned of what will happen if they do not get invited - and are therefore often inviting others in an attempt to be recognised, rather than waiting. Happily there are many ways for a Projector to discern whether something is an invitation or not, and a skilled analyst can give them specific examples.

Manifestors: CAN initiate, they are the only type that can. However, most do not want to. They are often keenly aware of being under the control of others and just want to be free of controls. The sacrals around them appear to be so powerful and their experience is often that they are stopped in their process by these Generators. For this reason Manifesters have the strategy of INFORMING those they will impact, before (I repeat BEFORE) they do something which often has a strong impact on those around them. It is an unnatural strategy, but it was given to manifestors from Ra, who himself was a Manifestor. Ra understood that informing is not asking for permission, but is merely a way to clear the way for the Manifestor to be all they can be, giving people a warning often results in them getting out of the way.

Reflectors: only approx 1% of the population, must wait out a full turn of the moon's cycle before they make their decisions - and often many turns of the moon (a 28.5 day cycle). They move in a much slower time frame to the rest of the population. They are conditioned by the gates that come through the moon and most experience being all the types during a full month. They reflect the program itself.  But hidden within the turn of the wheel of lunar transits is a specific pattern for each Reflector and following that pattern enables them to operate much more effectively in the world.



There are many different types of authority.

Authority, as the name indicates, is a hierarchical matter.

  • If the solar plexus is fixed, then the authority is emotional and dependent upon the waiting out of the emotional cycle before clarity can be assertained by checking into the decision potential at least 3 times over a period of time.
  • If the solar plexus is not present, then sacral sounds are the indications to be followed.
  • If the solar plexus and sacral are not present, then it is the splenic awareness that must be listened to.
  • If none of the previous centres are present, then it is ego and the availability of the will to be engaged that must decide.
  • If all four previous centres are not activated consistently, then it is the self and their happiness that has the ultimate say.
  • If none of the previous centres are present then there is no inner authority and the decisions must then involve the subtle indications of talking through invitations by a trusted sounding board of allies, to see what comes out of the mix in your own words.

The sublties of these authorities can be explained and explored through a professional analysis.