Red & Black

The Red and the Black

One of the first things you’ll notice about your Bodygraph is that there are red and black lines or/and half lines between the centres. The difference between the red and the black is simple. 


The red indicates what motivates and drives you in your life. You can never have direct access to that drive, it is a little like the unconscious in you, the underlying, hidden part of you. Having said that, it may well be what others see in you all the time. It is this red aspect that corresponds to your form, your body, and the correlation of that aspect with your internal chemistry is something new to even the most experienced astrologers.It is this pattern that is studied in detail within the branch of knowledge in the HUman Design System known as the Primary Health System or PHS.

The black represents everything that you identify with consciously, that which you have direct access to. When a Human Design analyst tells you the meaning behind anything that is black in your chart, you’ll have an immediate recognition of the truth of their statements. It represents your conscious personality. It is this that is studied deeply within the complexities of the branch of Knowledge known as Rave Psychology.

For students of Human Design it is possible to actually discover one’s generic role in life – the underlying pattern of why we incarnated by understanding one’s Incarnation Cross – where the red and the black of our sun and earth gates cross. Knowing your incarnation cross is another big key to understanding the context of your life.