Richard's Testimonials

Human Design Reading Testimonials

"During my first reading Richard managed to hook me onto the experiment of following my strategy. After meeting him aura to aura he has shown and explained to me the mechanics in a way that has made me leave my not-self behavior and turn my life completely around. Leaving a trail of chaos in the outside world, it has made this MG much more satisfied on the inside." Birgitte Bakke (Norwegian) 6.2 Manifesting Generator (Triple Split)

“I’ve always felt that somehow my decision making was a bit disastrous: too many wrong people, wrong places, not enough focus on my path. When I had my reading with Richard I discovered a new way of making decisions – not by thinking about it but responding to my own body’s internal sounds and responses from deep in the sacral area.  It meant giving up my cerebral weighing up of pros and cons, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but I knew that the search was over.  I found that my reading gave me confidence to go for what I knew I wanted deep inside, make a leap, and stop looking for security outside, answering everyone else’s questions, and being ‘nice’.   I started letting go of all the ‘shoulds’ and expectations. Richard’s reading explained Human Design in a way that encompassed my life, as well as a profound system of knowledge about the world in which we live”.  Thank you!  
Maura Bright  (English) 1.3 Generator (Split Definition)

"Richard talked to me compassionately and directly and helped me to confirm many things about myself that, on a deep level, I already knew.  I have found it incredibly powerful to have these truths confirmed and, as a result, I now grant myself permission to accept and work with my own true nature.  Richard was a very wise and compassionate guide on this journey. Sally Wales (Australian) 3.6 Manifestor (Split Definition).


"WOW, I really enjoyed my reading. I have in all honesty never experienced someone who knows me so well, acknowledged me so deeply and accepted it all so freely. What a liberation. My days are filled with inputs now. Its great to be alive! I really look forward to the Human Design course in London, and to meet you in person. I know I will learn so much more about this fantastic tool kit. Thank you again for the session....I am deeply grateful ! I am also so grateful for the universe and that you are YOU! What luck for me. I sense you as a great teacher for me!"
Cristoffer Johansen (Oslo, Norway) 2.4 Manifesting Generator (Single Defintion)


"My first reaction to my phone reading with Richard was a delight in how easy he made it to communicate with him. He was welcoming, relaxed and humourous. His reading was inspirational, enlightening, encouraging and amazing. He drew my attention to things I took for granted and gave a value to them. He informed me of hidden talents which needed to be used. He made me feel good about myself and I will be eternally grateful to him for that. I rate him very highly." Finola Hepworth(American)  5.1 Manifesting Generator (Single Defintion)

 width=Milena Miakar (Slovenian) 6.2 Manifesting Generator (Single Definition)

 width=Truth has a special, elegant way to reach me whenever I´m ready and this was the time for this beautiful information.”  Mittra Magnusson (Sweden)

Thank you so much for your analysis this evening. It was everything I hoped it would be and I really felt I learnt very important things about myself. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with me, I'm very appreciative. Kat Galbraith (UK)

 I just wanted to thank you again for the design reading. It's already been percolating through, and giving me masses to think about and has pierce deeper than I expected.Julia Gelpke (UK) 

I would like to say how much I appreciate what Richard has done for me in helping me isolate my weaknesses and strengths and as a result has helped me move forward by enabling me to understanding myself. The Human Design formula is incredible. Well worth the money. Thanks again Richard. Peter Salmon (UK) 

A thousand thanks for your generosity Richard... so much time, care, and wisdom! Joshua Gottdenker (Denmark) - re: a relationship reading

Thank you so much for your great work, wise knowledge and the warm and nice meeting with you ! You gave me a great insight and a nice calm. It made me find a quiet and good silence inside my own head (I really needed that - and I smiled for several days afterwords! I will go for the experience (I`ve already tried it out, both the inside sounds and the response - and it`s quite exciting! Really looking forward to meet you again one day, as well! Wishing you great days, every day. K. M.

Thanks for a very rich and rewarding session yesterday. Your reading confirmed the really hard won self-knowledge that I have found in 20 years of spiritual and consciousness development searching. These are aspects that I have found through sources I can often not talk with people about who have not trodden more out of the way paths.  Your outline of my purpose and my experience with being myself have already become very clear to me, but it was great to have this reflected back to me as affirmation and confirmation. What was really helpful was the strategy which is expressed in a new way. Your reading has been a gift, found through a friend, at exactly the right time and the path of my life has been rich with such gifts. I particularly appreciated your sharing of similiarities and the robustness of your reading, empathy and intelligence. So thank you again for giving me a perspective to choose, in a way, not to force circumstances but hold a different position consciously. K. W.

Thank you for your insight, sensitivity and wonderful attention to detail. I will take this fascinating information in slowly. S. C.
I got the recording fine, seems complete and of good quality. It will be interesting to go through it again on another day to see what different things I can pick up of it when in a different 'emotional cycle'. Thank you again for your great work! P. J. (receiving the recording of his reading through server download link)

I found the reading very interesting and many of the things that you identified resonated very strongly with me. The session certainly provided me with a lot of food for thought and as a consequence will make me adapt certain elements of my life and behaviours, whilst reinforcing some others.

I was reminded of a time when I used to work with a team of occupational psychologists. These guys regularly used a variety of psychometric tests and as a colleague I often got to try them. What I found remarkable about yesterday's reading was how much more accurate and insightful the HD analysis was compared to the psychometrics that I have encountered in the past. I was very impressed.
Gareth , Dubai

I want to thank you again for the great insights I got during and after your session with me. M.L.

I, like many people, grew up with certain ideas of how human beings are meant to behave. I gained an understanding of what was expected of me during my early life and I tried incredibly hard, like everyone, to fit the boxes of ideals that I created for myself. I just could not fit them, however, and my life contained one disaster after another. I put on a face for the world and appeared happy and successful, but my constant failures; led me to become so lacking in self-worth that I developed an eating disorder. I was lucky enough to come across Human Design, however. Through this information I discovered the fundamental truth that everyone is individually unique and it is damaging to our health and happiness to try to conform to preconceived patterns. Suddenly the pressure to fit into the boxes was lifted and I began to see why I could not experience peace within my life when I was trying to be someone that I was not. Human Design enabled me to understand who I really was. It showed me the reality of myself behind what I had believed were failings. Understanding how to live as myself takes away the feeling that I am something less than I should be, could be or need to be. The knowledge of how I am programmed to behave facilitates my movement through life with a deeper grasp of the reasons behind what occurs to me. This is an amazing thing to know because it allows me to relax within my skin. To be at our optimum I believe human beings need only one thing - to feel comfortable being ourselves. Human Design explains how we can feel this safety. With this knowledge, for the first time I can just be me.
Victoria Fenton (Generator)



Kracking the Kernel - Online Course: Finally got settled in Hawaii and had a chance to catch up with your class of last Sunday. Thank you, very beautiful. The keynotes you gave on the 25/51 channel resonated a lot with me; over the years I had other people often applying those words to me, and since I have this channel unconscious, it took me a while to see and accept that these are qualities that not everyone has available. Your words in this class resonated deeply with me, as if I somehow exactly know what you talked about, am very familiar with, even though I have not had such deep mutative experience yet. I'm curious what will happen over the next days, so I'll keep you posted about my experiences in the immersion experience... A.

Kracking the Kernel - Online Course: So thrilled to discover my Individuality!  The classes are delightful, and I need to listen to them a couple more times pondering, in order to connect what you have articulated with my experience.  Finally I understand SP and spirit, never quite got it before, gate 6 is my only activation and it is a bit mysterious in its functioning. Many thanks, B. 

Online ABC Class: I re-listened our class of last week. Very rich material, really great.  A.

ABC Course, London: Just a quick word to say how amazing weekend course was, I feel completely contented and at home with the whole concept. Thanks very much for all your time and effort you have put into this course....very much looking forward to the next one! Jo Sollinger


 width=P. S.

Just so right on Richard, makes me smile...thx! J. R.

Beautiful! I like the "perhaps" at the end... Thanks Richard! D. N.