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Journey to the Future

Richard Beaumont will take participants on a journey into the future to reveal the whole picture of what life is about and where it's going, according to the revelations of The Human Design System Read more 

• Do you wonder what humanity expects and what is the fate of life on the planet?

• Are you curious to know what the evolution of consciousness is seeking?

• Do you want to look into the plans of the universe?

Join for a breakthrough expedition through mystical revelations about the future!

Mankind is on the brink of transition between two global periods, which differ dramatically. The destabilization brought about by the change requires the need to understand the process we are going through. Human Design gives us the opportunity to look at the cycles we go through on a global level and to understand the times of our lives. We are currently at the very threshold between two cycles and feel both individually and collectively decomposing the familiar and uncertainty of the next. More than ever, we need insight into the nature of this change so that we can see our place in the future. 

During this course we will look at the nature of the passing global cycle and how it differs from the upcoming one. We will trace what signs confirm the coming of the new times and how we can observe the trends.

We will pay attention to the interpersonal mechanisms that we can see in our relationships with others. We will look at the elements in the body chart, which indicate that certain people will become leading actors and will stand out on the stage in the future.

Richard Beaumont will take us back to the global cycle that began in 1610 and ends in 2027 to enrich his understanding of the developmental impact he had on mankind as a whole, historically and socially. He will tell us about the manifestations of the model we are still experiencing today and will describe the coming change and how it will unfold with the approach of the beginning of the new global cycle.

We will meet not only the character of the upcoming global cycle, but we will also be shown the next ones to approximately 3100. Richard will continue to lead us through time and space, revealing the development of consciousness in the distant future.

We will follow an evolutionary process that unfolds beyond the Earth, on the outskirts of the Solar System and beyond the human form, reaching astonishing conclusions. We will look into the device of a new form that overcomes men and raves that never existed before.

If you've ever wondered what life is all about and where everything goes, come to this extraordinary course! It will give you the opportunity to understand the changes and to understand the nature of the evolutionary process of consciousness from which we are part as human beings.

Note: This course is based on the findings from Ra Uru Hu during a mystical experience. Therefore, the information it contains is scientifically unprovable, but has its empirical evidence and can be confirmed in the personal process of anyone experimenting with knowledge.

Host: Richard Beaumont, International Human Design Lecturer 

When: October 27-29, 2017 (registration on 27th of 18:30, start 19:00 to 22:00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00)

Where: Sofia, Erato Hall - 164 Vitosha Boulevard  Read less 

Price: £185.00 (£250.00 )

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