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New Year Rave (Oslo) Jan 21st

The Transit Weather of 2018 Read more 

Richard Beaumont, Human Design Mentor, will provide an overview of the transits that will be experienced in 2018. According to The Human Design System, the 'real' New Year begins when the 41st Gate is Fixed by the Sun. This corresponds to the only start codon in genetics and always starts a new cycle - the New Year itself. In Oslo the exact time is 03:19 am.

This provides those who wish to know, the themes that will unfold in the background transit field affecting both in World Affairs and one's private life. Better to be forewarned and prepare for the year's unfolding drama.

Richard will also make use of the party atmosphere to show practical applications of The Human Design Knowledge based on the charts of those who participate in this live and exciting exploration of the life force Channels in those gathered for this event. It is hoped that there will be sufficient numbers for a journey of discovery to see how multiple Channels and Centres play out in a series of spontaneous experiments that are bound to have people talking for many months to come. 

Joining this adventure will be those in Norway who have been studying and researching Human Design for many years and their voices will be heard as they describe their personal journeys.

There will be excellent food, drink and music (with guest DJ's) available to make this a New Year Celebration to remember. :)  Read less 

Price: £21.00 (£30.00 )

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Journey Around the Wheel (Oslo) Jan 27th & 28th

A Journey through the Wheel and the 64 hexagrams Read more 

A Journey through the Wheel and the 64 hexagrams

This course goes beyond strategy, authority, profiles and channels to give you a deeper understanding of your ultimate purpose in this life by looking at the wheel, quarters and 64 Human Design Gates.

Richard will speak about each of the 64 hexagrams in the context of the four quarters of the wheel, which provides another layer of information on top of Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, Channels and Not-Self compulsions.

You will be shown some of the precise mechanics of the I Ching in the Human Design wheel, it will be a journey of mirrors, reflections and perfection. Everyone in the course will have a deeper understanding of their ultimate purpose in this life and the essential duality of the material world.

The wheel is an astonishing key to the nature of life on earth and this exploration will provide you with essential themes and nuances in your charts. This part of the knowledge relates to the Global Incarnation Index and will prepare the way for a future Rave Cartography course for those who wish to take the route of becoming a qualified analyst.

This is an incredibly exciting course that will give real insight into how the bodygraph is mapped from the Human Design wheel giving new ways of understanding the Centres beyond what you may have learnt in the Living Your Design course. New mystical keynotes will be shared for the understanding of our lives.

This is a Live course being held outside Oslo, Norway in January 27th-28th 2017. Venue:  t.b.c. but in Oslo

Course Price: 2965 kr (£285) Early bird by January 8th 2600 kr (£250). For details contact Cristo directly on  : +0793 485 5634 
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Price: £250.00 (£285.00 )

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