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Human Design in Action (French Basque Country)

A Human Design festival in the French Basque Country Read more 

One of the major highlights of last year was the Human Design fesitival in the French basque country. A group of Human Design enthusiasts gathered together to present all kinds of Human Design related topics. Richard presented the first showing of his new work on the specific way of seeing Gates in four different ways, there was clear communication techniques shared, Human Design and Family constellations, the experience of being a Design with no motors from a Reflector and Mental Projector, A session of Solar Plexus Awareness and live Human Design theatre where the Godheads came alive in a powerful evening play plus many more submissions. It was so much fun and we all learned a great deal. Plus there was belly dancing, light shows and a fabulous party in the glorious rural setting. All this was generously supported by superb French cooking from experienced chefs and the wine and laughter flowed late into the evening night every night. The venue is within a gorgeous building with hexagrams built into the wall! An unbelieveable setting to celebrate Human Design.

This year we hold the 2nd festival which includes the Friday evening and the weekend devoted to Richard's work on Relationships as seen through the Human Design System followed by 3 days of all kinds of presentations as everyone is welcome to share their cutting edge in this Knowledge. So come and share the fun with us and join the mixture of nationalities that add to the richness of this very special experience.

View the information PDF via the Preview button for contact details. The nearest airport is Biarritz but San Sebastian and Pau are also possible.   Read less 

Price: £545.00

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Professional Training Level I - Ist Seminar

The first semester of a three semester Course for those wish to become professional certified Human Design analysts. Read more 

PTL1 - Professional Training Level 1 for analysts in training who have completed Living Your Design, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography I and Rave Cartography 2

Description: PTLI is Level 1 of 4 levels of the Professional Analyst Training. Completion of all Levels is required for certification.
The goal of PTLI is to develop professional level analytical skills. In this year long course students learn the detail level of design and how to keynote and synthesise the BodyGraph. This course includes lectures, workshops, study groups and homework. Students will practise and learn to Keynote and learn the art of synthesising a Human Design chart. Oral repetition will be stressed throughout to solidify competence, aid memorisation and develop chart-reading skills. This is a three-semester program and involves self-study and homework as well as classes and interaction.
Places are limited. You may reserve your place in this course by purchasing your place here or contacting
1. All 64 Gates will be reviewed 
2. All 384 Lines of the Rave I'Ching will be reviewed 
3. Keynoting will be studied and practised 
4. How to use The Rave I’Ching 
5. The Four Views
6. Technical skills
7. The art of a Human Design reading
8. Oral competence 

Regular Price per Semester (of a 3 semester course): £750
Early Registration Price: £700

An live weekend begins this course which will be delivered in English with Bulgarian translation on 1st April 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Venue is: The City Avenue hotel, 49 Osogovo str. Subsequent online sessions will follow and at least one live weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria later in the year. Those who cannot attend will be compensated by receiving audio MP3's and Slides to cover the course content covered in the live session.

Participants will need to buy Rave I'Ching (£42) from the 'Books' category in the Online Shop and The Rave I'Ching Line Companion (£170) from the 'Course Manuals' category in the Online Shop. For Korean students translated copues of these books are available through Rave Korea.  Read less 

Price: £699.99

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Rave Cartography II

Rave Cartogrpahy II is the third and final stage of the General Knowledge foundation of the Human Design System. Read more 

Rave Cartography II

October 14th, 15th & 16th 09:30 - 18:00 (Friday) 10:00 - 18:00 (Saturday and Sunday). Venue City Avenue Hotel, Sofia.

Overview: This is the third of our general courses, which builds upon the information contained in Rave ABC Course. It constitutes also the second step towards professional qualification for those pursuing Analyst training. It is highly participative and will include and in-depth focus on your own design. It takes place over three days. 

Aim: To help participants develop the ability to examine a chart in detail and understand how the conditioned (Not-self) and authentic aspects of a design operates.

Objectives: By the end of this course (if you have attended Rave Cartography I)  you will be able to:

  1. Explain the authentic and Not-self strategies of each of the nine centres. 
  2. Explain how definition works in a Design. 
  3. Identify the authentic authority of any chart and how this supports effective decision-making.
  4. Explain the subtleties of definition and how this differentiates the unique characteristics of each Design. 
  5. Explain how angles and each of the twelve profiles operate in a design in the context of type.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to give a competent analysis of any chart.

Normal cost of Rave Cartography Course (a two semester Course): £500 per semester   

Early Bird: £450 per semester. However, this Rave Cartography II course takes place in Bulgaria and at Bulgarian prices, hence the discounted price.

Pre-Requisites: Personal Comprehensive Analysis, Living Your Design Course, Rave ABC Course
, and Rave Cartography I.

Required Course Materials: Participants will receive the Rave Cartography Student Manual Vol 2 as part of the course fee.  Read less 

Price: £450.00

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Know Thyself (Netherlands)

An experiential workshop based on breakthrough scientific technology that identifies the uniqueness of every human being. Read more 

Human Design is often described as: ‘The Science of Awakening.’ Everything is part of a single holistic field. Everything, including people, animals and the environment are all interconnected .
Each unique aspect is continually interacting and influencing the world around it all of the time. We are not separate. We are part of the whole. 
We are connected to others through the aura. Information and energies are exchanged aurically creating conditioning - through the science of Human Design this imprinting can be explained and experienced. 

Each of us is a unique ‘antenna’. We have ‘receptors’ where we take in and filter energy from the outside. We also ‘emit’ energy outwards which is how we touch and impact the other. The Human Design BodyGraph shows us the map of all the possible ways that we can be imprinted. 

There will be theoretical sections of the workshop as fundamental layers of differentiation are explained.  There will be experiential exercises and comparisons as the truth of our difference is clearly seen in a self-evident and obvious manner. 

In this workshop you will:

• Discover yourself at levels of uniqueness not possible to know without this technology.

• Know experientially and intellectually how you are different from others and be able to acknowledge and recognise your true uniqueness.

• Have a practical strategy to navigate through your life according to who you really are and make future decisions that work for YOU.

• Have your questions answered at last.

• Enjoy many direct experiences of the truth that you can verify for yourself through immediate self-recognition that can be deeply confirming and healing at a deep level.

• Have a great deal of fun while you are being inspired and allow your consciousness to expand in ways previously unknown.

• Leave on Sunday with a new outlook on yourself and your life with practical tools that can be utilized to bring lasting positive repercussions in your life. 


The Venue: The Horst estate in Driebergen. Landgoed de Horst • De Horst 1 • 3971 KR Driebergen • +31 (0)34 355 61 79

This unique property is centrally located in the Netherlands, 20 minutes from Utrecht. An inspiring place where hospitality and quality is a priority, for more information:

Date and time:

Friday       October 6th  18:30 (Registration) for a 19:00 start until 22:00. 

Saturday  October 7th  10:00 start  18:00 end 

Sunday    October 8th  10:00 start   17:00 end


Cost of course:

Non-Residents: Incl. 2 x lunch plus coffee / tea over the Weekend Participation. 395 euros (£340)

Residents  (Incl. 2 nights (based on two people sharing one room) plus 2 x breakfast and lunch, Saturday night dinner plus coffee / tea 495 euros (£428) - early bird price 465 euros (£400). For those booking as Residents, please email me and I'll send you a PayPal link to pay the difference between the non-residents and residents status.



   Read less 

Price: £340.00 (£399.99 )

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The Secrets of the Bardo (South Korea)

A course to descirbe what happens after Death. Read more 

In this course we will be looking at the dying process. Dying is the natural bookend to being born. Death is natural and inevitable. Our bodies are simply ‘rented’ for a limited time.

Yet Death is a mechanic. Just as Human Design describes one’s life pattern, so Human Design can describe the pattern you go through in Death and beyond death.

Once the body is declared to be ‘dead’ there is still enough electricity in the corpse to power what Ra described as the only pure gift to the Personality. This is the bardo states that occur during what is usually a 62 hour period where different states of consciousness are experienced with their own specific gifts of illumination.

In this course we do not dwell upon people’s fear of death. Instead we look at the mechanic that takes place using different keynotes to the ones we are familiar with in interpreting a Human Design chart.

Richard will take us through all the different states of possible in a general sense so the scope of what can happen will be understood. From there he will take specific examples of those who have died using their time of birth to explain the states of consciousness they went through at the end of their life.

There will also be the background supplied to the bigger story of incarnating in a body involving the two Crystals of Consciousness that reside in every person. You will learn where we go when we die and what the process of incarnation is all about.

So for those of you who fear death, Richard’s hope is that you will see that fear in the context of a very natural process and in doing so become less afraid. He will explain what is necessary for a ‘correct’ death and trust that each participant will ensure that their body is treated according to basic necessary procedures to ensure that they complete their life fully and gain the wisdom that is possible when death finally comes.

Although this course is what we call a ‘Grey’ course, in that it cannot be proved, nevertheless Richard’s investigation into ‘Near Death Experiences’ or ‘NDE’s’ those people who were declared physically dead for a short period of time, such as 20 minutes, and yet returned to life reporting certain things they experienced will reflect the Bardo states he will lay out in this course.

So for those of you curious or afraid of death, this course will be of great benefit.

This is a live weekend course that will be held in Seoul, South Korea in July 2017. Venue and times to be confirmed.  Read less 

Price: £199.99

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