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The Human Design 'Birthchart'

The Bodygraph and Mandala

The image above is the Human Design Mandala. Added to the Bodygraph is a triple wheel. The wheel itself represents the universe surrounding us and it also represents our inner selves  – ‘As within, so without’. Each of us is a microcosm that replicates the macrocosm (the universe). It is this simple but profound fact that enables those trained in the Human Design System to look into future trends in the world around us, and indeed in the influences that affect each one of us.

Around the inner wheel are the 12 signs of the zodiac. Although Human Design uses the same wheel here as astrology, it divides and interprets the wheel differently. For those in Human Design, astrology is but one part of a synthesis that is profoundly deep.  Although we do also acknowledge that in-depth astrology can be a valuable tool in self-discovery, it only addresses part of the construct of a human being. As in astrology, transit readings play an integral part of day to day analysis in Human Design and this type of reading is available from those analysts trained in that particular branch of the knowledge.

The next wheel is divided into 64 major divisions called ‘Gates’. These correspond to the numbers you see in the nine Centres on the bodygraph at the centre of the mandala. These ‘Gates’ have a direct relationship to the 64 Hexagrams of the ancient I'Ching. The 'chops' or graphics outside of the wheel correspond with each of the 64 Hexagrams.

The position of the planets at the time of your birth 'activates' certain positions or gates within the wheel, revealing your own personal attributes. The divisions of the wheel are so small that the activations can change in a very short time span, potentially making a significant change in a chart minute by minute. This is why an accurate birth time is required to do an in-depth Human Design reading. However, experimentation with the chart can validate that a chosen time is indeed accurate and that it corresponds with one’s genetic makeup. An experienced in-depth analyst may ask you certain questions regarding your life to confirm the accuracy of your birth time if there is a doubt.










Human Design UK licensed for the United Kingdom exclusively by Jovian Archive Corporation.
Jovian Archive Corporation is the International Rights Holder to The Human Design System, The Global Incarnation Index, Primary Health System and all knowledge derived from the teachings of Ra Uru Hu. Copyright 1992-2007
The Rave BodyGraph TM and Rave Mandala TM  are registered Trademarks of
Jovian Archive Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


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Responses to Human Design Readings by Richard Beaumont
Human Design UK
Maura Bright Maura Bright (UK)
I’ve always felt that somehow my decision making was a bit disastrous. When I had my reading I discovered a new way of making decisions… more>>
Human Design UK
Finola Hepworth (USA)
His reading was inspirational, enlightening, encouraging and amazing. He drew my attention to things I took for granted and gave a value to them.. more>>
Human Design UK
Richard B, Devon Birgitte Bakke (Norway)
… he has shown and explained to me the mechanics in a way that has made me leave my not-self behavior and turn my life completely around. more>>
Human Design UK
Cristo Johansen (Norway)
Thank you again for the sesion, I am deeply grateful. I am also so grateful for the universe and that you are YOU! What luck for me. I sense you... more>>
Human Design UK
Maura Bright Sally Wales (Australia)
Richard talked to me compassionately and directly and helped me to confirm many things about myself that, on a deep level, I already knew. more>>
Human Design UK