The Four Types

The Human Design System shows that there are just four distinct types of human being, which are each distinguished by their unique aura (electro-magnetic frequency).





Generators & Manifesting Generators: 66.5% of the population
Projectors: 22.4% of the population
Manifestors: 9.6% of population
Reflectors: 1.5% of population

Two energy types: The Manifestor and The Generator (there is also a combination called the Manifesting Generator, which is seen as a sub-section of the Generator category because of the similar aura and shared Strategy).

Two non-energy types: The Projector and The Reflector.

The Manifestor

A Manifestor's Throat Centre will be connected by a Channel(s) to at least one of the body's 'Motor' Centres i.e. there must be a connection directly or indirectly to the Root Centre the Heart Centre or the Solar Plexus Centre. The fourth Motor, the Sacral Centre, has to be open otherwise the person is a Generator.

Manifestors are pure energy beings and not designed to be controlled by anyone. They are the only true initiators. They simply act or put things directly into action. But they need to inform those who will be affected by their actions, with what they are about to do before they act. When they act without informing, they meet resistance because the people affected by the consequences of their actions can feel ignored, or feel like they have been run over by a lorry! As a result, Manifestors can end up feeling very cut off from others. They are born to be unpredictable.

The Generator

All Generators have a Defined Sacral Centre. They are designed to ‘respond’ to life. Unlike Manifestors, they have no idea of where they are going until they respond, so they need to wait until life initiates them first. Generators are potentially the most powerful of all the Types, but unless they understand how they work, they can be the most frustrated people alive. Indeed frustration is their Not-self theme.

They only know what is right for them to do or say by their response to something. Their response comes from deep in their abdomen and is most often in non-verbal sounds: "unun" (‘Yes’), "ahunh" (‘No’), "mmmmm" (Not sure), “ahhhhhh" etc. There is a movement of energy from their Sacral as they respond towards or away from something or someone. If they initiate, which is a mental decision in their case, they often get involved in the wrong things, meet resistance, get frustrated and quit.

The Manifesting Generator

The main difference between them is that, after responding to something, Manifesting Generators can act more quickly than Pure Generators. They also experience both frustration and anger as Not-self tendencies. They need to wait until they are clear about their response before they act. They are not here to initiate like a Manifestor.

Manifesting Generators are Manifestors with a Generator strategy. They have an immediate resource of energy since they have at least one Motor connected directly to the Throat Centre. Generally they are active people and love to be in the thick of life. Their greatest dilemma is to learn that their true power lies in waiting for opportunities to come to them. If they actively try to pursue their goals and dreams they will encounter only resistance and pain. When they relax, then their lives can be poetry in motion.

The Projector

Projectors are naturally designed to work with and guide the energy of others, but only when they are recognised for their unique abilities and traits and they receive an appropriate invitation. This applies to all areas of their life: career, friendships, marriage, love etc. They are not here to pursue or initiate. If they attempt to act or to join in without an invitation, they meet resistance.

Without an invitation, the Projector does not know if they will be able to put their talents and abilities to use in any way that is natural or healthy for them.

Their specific gift is to guide and show the way for others and they alone can understand both Manifestors and Generators. They also have a Design to wait and the key that unlocks their power is recognition. Unless they are recognised, they are powerless. Once they are recognised, they really shine and they come into their true power

Projectors need more knowledge of their own inner Design than the other Types, in order to know what invitations are good for them.

The Reflector

The rarest of the four Types, Reflectors are open to the world in every way, since they have no Fixed Definition in their nature to rely upon (none of the 9 Centres are Defined/Fixed (coloured in).

If they do not understand how their design works they can feel deeply lost and overwhelmed by life. They take others in very deeply. Reflectors can often be deeply disturbed due to lack of self-knowledge and adverse conditioning, but they can become very wise if they understand their openness and how to work with it.

Reflectors who do not truly know themselves can be deeply disappointed in life. Before making major decisions, they need to wait out the cycle of the moon (approximately 28.5 days) because the movement of the moon through the wheel of the zodiac gives the Reflector access to his or her own inner wisdom over time. They have a fixed lunar pattern that repeats every month. For a brief time, they can experience themselves as a Projector, a Manifestor and even a Generator on a regular basis. Reflectors need to understand more about their Design and the Human Design System than anyone else to be able to successfully apply their strategy.

Strategy and Authority - Making Decisions that are Correct For You

Human Design would just be another system to understand our essential nature on a mental level, except for its inherent practical application of the Knowledge. It is here, in the practical sense that we come to Strategy and Authority. Everyone has a specific Strategy they can experiment with to determine how to make correct decisions in their life. It is, after all, decisions that lead us into freedom or into further slavery, into living a life that is correct for us, or leading a life full of frustrations.

Key to the awakening process by de-conditioning from our Not-self, is the making of decisions according to our own unique Strategy and Inner Authority. Each Type has its own unique Strategy to empower then to make decisions that are more correct.


There are basic strategies to follow, depending on which Type you are:

Generators & Manifesting Generators: WAIT TO RESPOND


Traditionally the mind is given authority when it comes to making important decisions in people’s lives. However, the mind is designed to conceptualise and measure the pros and cons but not to make the final decision. In Human Design, true Authority, when it comes to making decisions that are correct for us, is a hierarchical matter based on what Centres are Defined/Fixed or White/Open in the Body Graph Chart.

Emotional Authority:
If the Solar Plexus is Defined/Fixed, then the Authority is Emotional and is dependent upon the waiting out of the emotional wave before clarity can be ascertained by checking into the decision potential at least three times in the Emotional Wave as it rises and falls over a period of time.
Sacral Authority:
There is a need to wait for the Sacral response, which communicates through Sacral sounds. “Ah-huh” (Yes) or “Unun” (No) or “Mmmmm” (No, as I don’t know right now, ask me again later in a different way).
Splenic Authority:
A unique Awareness often called intuition or the instinct to know what is healthy or dangerous or not.
Ego Authority:
If the G Centre and the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Spleen are not Fixed, then the Authority is Ego and decision making is based on whatever there is will power for. There are two types of Ego Authority.
If none of the previous Centres are Fixed, i.e the Sacral Centre, Solar Plexus Centre, Spleen Centre or Ego Centre, then any decision is based on whatever makes one feel truly happy when they contemplate it. Their happiness has the ultimate say.
No Inner Authority:
If none of the previous Centres are present then there is no Inner Authority and decisions must then involve the subtle indications of talking through invitations with a trusted sounding board of allies, to see what comes out of the mix in your own words.
Lunar Authority:
If none of the previous Centres are present and there is no definition in the chart there is no Inner Authority and decisions must then involve you waiting out a 28.5 day Moon Cycle and watching the subtle changes that take place as the transit field directly affect the moon in your chart. Understand that you will change as definition appears throughout the month due to the planetary alignments.

The subtleties of these authorities can be explained and explored in more depth in your Personal Report (Live link to shop for the report) (and/or a Personal Comprehensive Analysis) and videos on each Authority (Live link to shop for the Authority Videos).

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