An Introduction to Human Design

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient mystical traditions: Western Astrology, the 64 hexagrams of the I’ching, The Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra Model in addition to Modern Science and Genetics.

Often referred to as ‘The Science of Awakening’ and ‘The Science of Differentiation,’ Human Design is a unique system founded by Ra Uru Hu.

Fundamental to the Human Design System is the revelation that we are highly conditioned, not merely by the auras of those around us, but also the planetary transit field. That conditioning is mapped in the Human Design System.

Human Design is ‘A key to know oneself.’ We are here to be unique and ‘designed’ to fulfill specific roles throughout our life.

Each person’s Chart is uniquely individual and shows our Strategy (live link to Strategy section) and Authority (Live link to Authority section), which if applied correctly, can empower us to make decisions that are correct for us. By knowing ourselves with more understanding and awareness, we can live the life we were Designed to live. Ra Uru Hu said about Human Design: ”It is all about loving oneself.”

The Human Design 'Birth Chart'

The Human Design Mandala (Wheel) has three separate wheels with the Bodygraph in the Centre. The wheel itself represents the universe surrounding us and it also represents our inner self: ‘As within, so without’. Each of us is a microcosm that replicates the macrocosm (the Universe).

Around the inner wheel are the 12 signs of the zodiac. Although Human Design uses the same wheel as Astrology, it divides and interprets the wheel differently. Astrology is but one part of a synthesis that is profoundly deep.

The next outer wheel is divided into 64 major divisions called ‘Gates’. These correspond to the numbers you see in the Nine Centres on the Bodygraph at the centre of the Mandala. These ‘Gates’ have a direct relationship to the 64 Hexagrams of the ancient I’Ching. Each Gate is located on the Bodygraph and around the Mandala in a fixed position, which does not change. The Gates are colour coded according to the Centre they are located in.

The outermost wheel shows the 'chops' or graphics, which correspond to each of the 64 Hexagrams.

The position of the planets at the time of your birth 'activates' certain positions or Gates within the wheel, revealing your own personal attributes. The divisions of the wheel are so small that the activations can change in a very short time span, potentially making a significant change in a chart minute by minute.

The genetic codes and the relationship our chemistry has to living the life we are here to live, is revealed through the multifaceted science of the Human Design System. The synthesis of science and ancient wisdom is ripe for our times and the immense complexity of our modern day lives.

The Nine Centers and Keynotes

The Nine Centres are an essential foundation to the Chart.

Defined and Undefined: Centres can be ‘Defined or ‘Fixed” (Coloured in) or ‘Undefined’ or ‘Open’ (White). Any Centre we have ‘Open’ (white) in our Bodygraph is where we are open to conditioning from others. A Centre has a very different role, determined by whether it is Defined or Undefined. Type and Authority is determined by which Centres are Defined or not.

The Head Centre (Pressure Centre): Mental Pressure, Inspiration, Anxiety
The Ajna Cenre (Awareness Centre): Conceptualisation, Uncertainity, Ideas
The Throat Centre: Communication, Manifestation, Action
The G Centre: Self, Love, Direction
The Ego Centre (Motor Centre): Ego, Will Power
The Sacral Centre (Motor Centre): Life force, Power to work consistently, Sexuality
The Solar Plexus Centre (Motor & Awareness Centre): Emotions, Feelings and Nervousness
The Splenic Centre (Awareness Centre): Intuition, Instinct, Fear and Immune System
The Root Centre (Motor & Pressure Centre): Pressure, Stress and Depression
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