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Living Your Design Course - FILM and ONLINE

The Living Your Design Course - A Cellular Transformational course that initiates the jump into The Human Design System. A Level 1 educational program. Films and Online. Read more 

This is the first course that introduces The Human Design System to beginners. It comprises of 8 x 1.5 hour films plus an opportunity to ask questions in a live Online room where students can meet and discuss the topics and ask the course teacher, Richard Beaumont, any questions they may have.

The pre-requisite for attending this course is that the student should have had a Human Design foundation reading and purchased the 'Living Your Design' Student manual which can be purchased from this site.

The topics of the course include looking at the 9 Centres, the 4 Types and touching on the different Authorities and Definitions in order to begin to read a Human Design chart in a simple but accurate way. It is also an introduction to 'The Not Self', the shadow side of human beings that causes so much dysfunction in most people's lives. It is designed as an experiential course where the student is encouraged to fully enter into their own experiment of following their unique Strategy and Authority.

The course is presented by Richard Beaumont.

Price £245  Read less 

Price: £245.00 (£272.00 )

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Rave ABC - (Foundation Course 2) FILM and ONLINE

This course lays another level of foundation knowledge and introduces keynoting to students Read more 

Rave ABC’s is the first level of the IHDS professional and general educational tracks. It is designed to satisfy a student’s curiosity about the basics revealed in a bodygraph while laying a solid educational foundation for the development of skilled analysts and/or informed general students.

Covering the origins of Human Design and introducing the basic components that make up the synthesis known as the Human Design System, this course is designed to show how all these pieces fit together to form the bodygraph.

It is also the course where the student will be asked to do homework in applying keynoting to their own chart and producing 'split' charts by hand.


  1. Black – Red, Personality and Design
  2. Circuits and Circuitry
  3. Hexagram Structure

Pre-requisites: Human Design Foundation Reading, Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation Required Materials: Rave ABC Student Manual; recommended MMI Software Student Edition

This course is delivered through 7 x 1.5 hour films plus a live Online session for any student questions. The teacher for this course is: Richard Beaumont. (The final film is being completed now and it will be added shortly).  Read less 

Price: £300.00 (£350.00 )

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Understanding Our Design in Relationships: SELF STUDY (Audio and PDF)

A Complete Course in Partnership Analysis by Ra Uru Hu (THDL) Read more 

This informative course presupposes you have a working knowledge of Human Design, in particular Channels and Gates. It will allow the listener to analyse any relationship between any two people and really see what's going on. Where the problems are likely to be, where the attraction really is and how the two partners actually operate together.

The Course consists of audio files and a PDF download booklet.

This course comes a live course led by Ra Uru Hu in Sedona, Arizona in October 1999. © The Human Design Libary

Length of course: More than 7 hours.  Read less 

Price: £120.00 (£180.00 )

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The 384 Lines in the 64 Gates SELF STUDY (Audio)

Ra Uru Hu goes into the Lines of the Gates in depth Read more 

A real bargain of more than 36.5 hours of Ra Uru Hu on Line specifics. Wow! This is incredible value for lovers of Human Design knowledge. So if you want to know more precisely what each Line is about in your chart, now you can. This absolute gem from 'The Human Design Library' was originally only available through 64 separate CD's. Now you can listen to it with ease. 

This is a valuable audio resource also for Human Design professionals as it contains information that is different from The Line Companion used in the PTLI. This THDL course is only available through this through Human Design UK and consists of recordings of Ra made in America in the late 1990's when he spoke for much longer and this course benefits from the extra detail.

36.50+ hours


Please note: Access to these recordings is through listening online whenever you wish, but are not downloadable. No refunds will be given for those wishing a downloadable product.  Read less 

Price: £300.00 (£450.00 )

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Journey Around the Wheel (Oslo) AUGUST 2019 : LIVE EVENT

A Journey through the Wheel and the 64 hexagrams Read more 

A Journey through the Wheel and the 64 hexagrams

This course goes beyond strategy, authority, profiles and channels to give you a deeper understanding of your ultimate purpose in this life by looking at the wheel, quarters and 64 Human Design Gates.

Richard will speak about each of the 64 hexagrams in the context of the four quarters of the wheel, which provides another layer of information on top of Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, Channels and Not-Self compulsions.

You will be shown some of the precise mechanics of the I Ching in the Human Design wheel, it will be a journey of mirrors, reflections and perfection. Everyone in the course will have a deeper understanding of their ultimate purpose in this life and the essential duality of the material world.

The wheel is an astonishing key to the nature of life on earth and this exploration will provide you with essential themes and nuances in your charts. This part of the knowledge relates to the Global Incarnation Index and will prepare the way for a future Rave Cartography course for those who wish to take the route of becoming a qualified analyst.

This is an incredibly exciting course that will give real insight into how the bodygraph is mapped from the Human Design wheel giving new ways of understanding the Centres beyond what you may have learnt in the Living Your Design course. New mystical keynotes will be shared for the understanding of our lives.

This is a Live course being held outside Oslo, Norway in August 31st-September 2nd 2019. (3 days) Venue:  t.b.c. but in Oslo

Course Price: 4000 kr (£355) Early bird by August 1st 3500 kr (£310). For details of Oslo contact Agata by email:  Read less 

Price: £310.00 (£355.00 )

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