Professional Analyst Courses

Richard Beaumont, a popular longtime teacher of The Human Design System and direct student of the orginator Ra Uru Hu offers tutoring in all the professional certification courses in order for participants to be IHDS professional analysts.

Professional Training Level I - 1st Seminar

The first semester of a three semester Course for those wish to become professional certified Human Design analysts. Read more 

PTL1 - Professional Training Level 1 for analysts in training who have completed Living Your Design, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography I and Rave Cartography 2

Description: PTLI is Level 1 of 4 levels of the Professional Analyst Training. Completion of all Levels is required for certification.
The goal of PTLI is to develop professional level analytical skills. In this year long course students learn the detail level of design and how to keynote and synthesise the BodyGraph. This course includes lectures, workshops, study groups and homework. Students will practise and learn to Keynote and learn the art of synthesising a Human Design chart. Oral repetition will be stressed throughout to solidify competence, aid memorisation and develop chart-reading skills. This is a three-semester program and involves self-study and homework as well as classes and interaction.
Places are limited. You may reserve your place in this course by purchasing your place here or contacting
1. All 64 Gates will be reviewed 
2. All 384 Lines of the Rave I'Ching will be reviewed 
3. Keynoting will be studied and practised 
4. How to use The Rave I’Ching 
5. The Four Views
6. Technical skills
7. The art of a Human Design reading
8. Oral competence 

Regular Price per Semester (1 of a 3 semester course): £750
Early Registration Price: £700

Participants will need to buy Rave I'Ching (£42) from the 'Books' category in the Online Shop and The Rave I'Ching Line Companion (£170) from the 'Course Manuals' category in the Online Shop. For Korean students translated copues of these books are available through Rave Korea.

This course will begin March/April 2019 and will be a mixture of Film and Online meetings  Read less 

Price: £700.00 (£750.00 )

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