Professional Analyst Courses

Richard Beaumont, a popular longtime teacher of The Human Design System and direct student of the orginator Ra Uru Hu offers tutoring in all the professional certification courses in order for participants to be IHDS professional analysts.

PTLII_Semester1_Partnership Analysis

PTLII Semester 1 Professional Training Level II Connection Mechanics Read more 

This course teaches Connection Mechanics and how to provide Connection (Relationship) readings. Students will learn the basic keys in relationship analysis. All students will be required to submit an analysis of a Partnership reading of their choice in order to demonstrate their grasp of the material. The teacher is IHDS Teacher Richard Beaumont. (This course consists of previously recorded zoom film for the South Koreans) 

Pre-Requisities: Human Design Foundation Reading, Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation, Rave ABC Course, Rave Cartography Course, Professional Training Level 1 (all 3 Semesters).

Required Materials: MMI Professional Edition Software, Partnership Student Manual (Semester I), Life Cycle Analysis Student Manual (Semester II)  Read less 

Price: £520.00

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