Richard Beaumont

Richard is the National Director of Human Design UK and Human Design Films Ltd. He has been deeply involved with Human Design for almost two decades and much of his training was directly with the founder Ra Uru Hu.

Richard is a direct student of the founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu. He has been actively involved with Human Design for approximately 20 years. He is Director of Human Design UK, Human Design Films Ltd and heads up Human Design Bulgaria an organisation that facilitates the spread of HD information, courses and lectures primarily in Sofia.

Richard teaches and runs lectures and courses on Human Design and workshops around the world. He also teaches online (See Courses). He is fully qualified and experienced to give many different analyst sessions at a deep and meaningful level including: Cycle readings (Solar Return / Saturn Return / Uranus Opposition / Kiron Return), Partnerships readings and Incarnation Cross readings. He has graduated as a Holistic Analyst and Rave Psychologist, Family Practice Analyst, Child Development Analyst and has completed all the exams to become a PHS Practitioner. He is fully qualified to teach all levels of the 3.5 year professional analyst training and has many students worldwide at different stages of the training.

Background: In 1987 he founded and was editor-in-chief of Kindred Spirit magazine, one of the leading international journals on Mind, Body and Spirit, which he ran for 20 years. He has been involved in the investigation of human potential from the age of 19 and now is solely focused on Human Design as it is “endlessly fascinating and leads me to deeper truths everyday”.

Richard has travelled widely in his Human Design teaching career with classes and lectures taking place in the UK, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Norway, The Netherlands, Spain (Ibiza), Australia, the States, Canada and South Korea.

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