Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu - The Founder of Human Design

From the Mystical to the Scientific

Born in Canada, Ra’s background had nothing to do with mystical revelation. He was born into a wealthy family and had a deep and profound education. He worked as an entrepreneur, a magazine publisher and advertising executive and media producer. He was also a musician, composer and performer.

Ra had for some time been living on Ibiza, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. It was there in January 1987 that he had a mystical encounter with an intelligence that was far superior to anything he had ever experienced. He simply calls this intelligence 'The Voice'. This encounter lasted for eight days and nights.

During that time, Ra Uru Hu was taught the basis of the mechanical nature of the universe and was given immensely detailed mystical and scientific knowledge. As a skeptic with a background in physics, Ra had no belief in anything mystical. He didn't even know his astrological sign.

For many, Ra was a genius in his own right. Certainly he demonstrated an impressive intelligence. Before his encounter with 'The Voice' he described himself as a very arrogant, self-concerned and self-possessed man who demeaned the intelligence of others. He respected no authority. However, the humility of the experience of intelligence brought him to his knees. It shook him to the roots of his being. Ra has said of this experience, 'I have never known anything that was so profound that it made me feel ant-like, tiny and absolutely meaningless.'

The Human Design System is not in the world because of me. It is in the world because everybody was seeded with that information during those eight days - the whole planet. We were all receptive to the Neutrino stream that poured through.Ra Uru Hu

The Science - An extraordinary event took place

It is interesting to note that at the same time that Ra was having his experience, an extraordinary event took place.

For the first time in recorded history, human beings actually witnessed a supernova with the naked eye from a mountaintop in Chile. A supernova is the death of a star, a vast explosion of such intensity that it can barely be imagined. According to the source of the Human Design System, that star, now known to scientists as 1987A, bombarded our planet with a deluge of subatomic information or Neutrinos (Live link to Free Resource section) with its dying breath.

We were all receptive to the Neutrino stream

Neutrinos are the source of the imprints that make up the patterns of all life on this planet. Tiny sub-atomic particles, they move almost at the speed of light and have been proven to have mass. As they penetrate matter they imprint it and fix the pattern that makes us who we are. One imprint is received three months before we are born and the second at the time of birth (Live link to the free ebook)

With subsequent statistical confirmation of the validity of the Human Design System, Ra saw that this knowledge was scientifically and objectively true. As more and more people had their charts done, the statistics continued to fit with what 'The Voice' told him. Thankfully, there is no ‘belief system’ necessary in Human Design – it is purely experimental and experiential – everyone can test the truth of it for themselves.

Regrettably, Ra died on 12th March 2011. All those who knew him and those actively involved in the Human Design community, still miss his perceptive insights and great sense of humour.

Ra is no longer alone. Tens of Thousands of people across the world have worked with The Human Design System and found that it does indeed accurately profile people and is a basis for explaining the way life works.

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