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Introduction to Human Design by Ra Uru Hu



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The Human Design System is a profound science that enables those trained in the system to create a chart that designates what is the unique pattern we each live out in this life.

From that pattern a specific guidance for each person is possible that not only provides deep insights into their unique life, but also kick starts them on an awakening process that enables them to see deeply into the nature of reality and perceive the magic that exists within the mundane world.

This website provides both an introduction to the Knowledge and access to '
Courses' taking place in the UK and certain parts of Europe where our teachers have established foundation groups.

The Human Design System can refresh our lives by introducing us to correct decision-making and the positive results that come from that. It shows us clearly and precisely how each of us is differentiated from those around us and can accurately be described as the Science of Differentiation. We each have the potential to live our uniqueness and enjoy this life without the constant resistance we meet in trying to fit in to a restrictive, false and unfulfilling understanding of ourselves.

Please browse the site - the main body of information is in the header 'What is Human Design', watch the introductory film above, download the free information under 'Resources'
and the 'Free Chart-making Software'. Subscribe to our free monthly newsletter (see above) that has articles, free giveaways, discount coupons, news of local and international events and much more.

We trust you will begin an extraordinary journey, one that has changed the lives of many thousands of people. You have an extraordinary life. Its full potential CAN be discovered and lived. Let us help you open to your profound possibility.


Richard Beaumont
Director of Human Design UK and Human Design Films Ltd


Human Design UK
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Human Design UK
Responses to Human Design Readings by Richard Beaumont
Human Design UK
Maura Bright Maura Bright (UK)
I’ve always felt that somehow my decision making was a bit disastrous. When I had my reading I discovered a new way of making decisions… more>>
Human Design UK
Finola Hepworth (USA)
His reading was inspirational, enlightening, encouraging and amazing. He drew my attention to things I took for granted and gave a value to them.. more>>
Human Design UK
Richard B, Devon Birgitte Bakke (Norway)
… he has shown and explained to me the mechanics in a way that has made me leave my not-self behavior and turn my life completely around. more>>
Human Design UK
Cristo Johansen (Norway)
Thank you again for the sesion, I am deeply grateful. I am also so grateful for the universe and that you are YOU! What luck for me. I sense you... more>>
Human Design UK
Maura Bright Sally Wales (Australia)
Richard talked to me compassionately and directly and helped me to confirm many things about myself that, on a deep level, I already knew. more>>
Human Design UK