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  • Introduction to Definition
    Richard Beaumont provides a description of what Definition means in your chart. He briefly explores the 5 different Definitions and with the use of moving graphics and animation.
  • Authority: Ego Manifested
    Richard Beaumont describes what it is to have Ego Manifested Authority and how to use it in this highly visual and informative film. Richard’s expresses himself in his entertaining fashion and uses graphics and photos to illustrate the major points that clearly describe the Authority that 0.78% of the population can access to make the correct decisions for themselves. This film is 27:43 minutes in length.
  • Profile: 1.3
    Richard Beaumont describes the 1.3 Profile using original graphics to represent it's qualities and a stream of keynotes that appear in sequence with his descriptions. Jack Nicholson is the celebrity that he uses as an example of the Profile. This video is lasts 47 minutes and contains a superb graphical representation of all the 6 Lines to provide ataste of the framework involved in the Profiles.
  • Profile Line Introduction
    While creating the films on Profile (the costume we wear) Richard Beaumont felt that an introduction to the Lines within each Profile would be necessary. Here Richard explains hexagram structure and the qualities of each Line utilizing original artwork to clarify visually the points he makes.